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Editado por Yorick: 9/18/2018 3:00:49 AM

I didn't get an offering to present to the Oracle after doing all of the Blind Wells and turning in the quest.

My inventory may have been full, but I thought I made a spot. This is the second week in a row that I didn't get an offering from this quest. That is now several(4 i think) powerful engrams that I have been denied due to glitches. That's honestly ridiculous. It shouldn't matter what so ever if my inventory is full or not. Stupid stuff like useless telemetries drop all of the time and take up space that I can't help or deal with in the middle of a Blind Well. Let me know if there is some way I can find this offering or get it before reset. I really wanted to raid this week and needless to say glitches have put me pretty far back. Edit: Petra even says 1/3 weekly quests completed when I have the other weekly quests unfinished or not turned in yet. So the quest is finished and turned in, but no loot at all from it. No offering(again), nothing at all. This is very upsetting because I am 90% sure nothing will fix my problem. Sure, you might fix the quest problem or have it actually go the postmaster like everything else in the game does, but my several powerful engrams and the time I put into getting them are gone. Go ahead though. Tell me it is because my inventory is full because that's all I can expect from bungie.

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