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Editado por oXAnimaXo: 9/15/2018 3:42:24 PM

Competitive Suspension with no reason

Hello Support, i really like that game but at some point there is nothing left to laugh about. I play a lot of games, different type of games and i dont have any issues with my connection. Because of the quests....I played a lot of competitve last time and sometimes it happened that Destiny 2 was searching for a connection and finaly lost the conection from Server. The game braught me back to the starting screen and i could restart it. Not even a minute later It worked fine and there was no connection Problem. I kept calm, got a warning with no reason, because i knew that its not my fault and other Players have the same problem. And i read that bungie disabled the suspension because they know about that, too. But 20 minutes ago i got finally banned and i cant believe that. I have almost never quit a match by myself. I want you to take back that suspension! Where ever i buy something the seller has to take care about the operability. If its not working like it should i can give it back to get a new one which workes or i get my money back. From bungie/activision/Blizzard....I get a Ban because i am so patient? That can not be serious. So please, help me out. Greetings ......................................... Update: I just got debaned and could play the Next competitive Match. One Match! A half Match...and Destiny lost connection again....and i got suspended again. I was online all over the time and there was no issue with the Server..... I cliped it and can post it on Youtube if you want....

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