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9/14/2018 2:26:31 PM

The end is the beginning.

The Deep is here. Whispering, Worming, Taking, but here none the less. Today you set out to kill another emissary of The Thousands. Taken and corrupted this Ahamkara survivor attempts to imitate her Deep siblings. You will face Riven in all her forms. Madness, manipulation, and unrestrained power. This is what awaits you. Many of you will be lost and succumb to Darkness forever. But those of you that work together will stare death and divinity in the face and leave The Dreaming City with more than just your life. Bring her back to us. Our Queen. Only Mara Sov can prepare us for what The Deep has planned. For what the bargain of Worms brought was not a King. The Deep seek The Traveler through the Ascended Realm. Your Fireteam must close this portal of corruption. If you fail, we will all spend eternity in the belly of giants. We have so very little time left for they are here. You must bring back our Queen.

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