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Editado por TeddyBearsRock12: 9/17/2018 5:03:50 PM

Moments of Triumph bug

Hello, I'm Teddy (obviously). So on the day Forsaken launched, I noticed that I wasn't able to claim the points for the "Limited Edition" triumph in Destiny 2. I have the limited edition and all of the bonuses. I saw Destiny 2 was free for download through PlayStation Plus, and in my opinion, digital versions of games are just more convenient. With this in mind I decided to delete the disk version and download the digital version of Destiny 2. This was before the Forsaken launch. I figured "Ok, it's probably just because I deleted the disk version, I'll re-download it later." I just finished re-downloading today it and am still unable to claim the points for the "Limited Edition" triumph and am admittedly a little frustrated. I wanted to ask if anyone else has this issue and if so, do you know a fix? I'll leave my email and PSN below and a video link, please help. Email: PSN: TeddyBearsRock12 Bad Quality Video(sorry):

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