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9/13/2018 11:19:10 PM

Here’s my summary of the beginning of Forsaken

Should’ve incorporated more screen time for Cayde-6 to begin with. Because of not hearing/seeing him enough, I have no emotional/mental bond to form about Cayde. . Let me sum up the beginning of Forsaken: You and Cayde get called to the Prison to help knife party trick Petra . You all try to contain riot by MURDERING ANYTHING MOVING . After murder spree is over and everyone is back in their cells(maybe?), Petra finds out the Injustice League is out and about to escape . Cayde does what he does best and drops a giant chandelier down 20+ stories (cowboy style for some weird reason) to meet the Goonies trying to escape . Upon impacting and committing suicide on landing, is revived and then meets the Spider-Man legion . He spouts Cayde noises and proceeds to fight mob waves 20 light levels higher than his own . He gets wrecked mate and try’s to pull a warlock healing rift technique using his Ghost . Ghost get boom head shot *airhorn Adobe Effect * and Cayde reveals his balding head . Back Street Boys come to swagger up on baldy mcf*ckup to give him a ball to the head meme . Cayde says dramatic Cayde line while pointing a gun at exposed Conan the Barbarian without firing and proceeds to get teabagged with a metal tea bag . PLOT HOLE INTENSIFIES . Cayde-6 cat lives remaining survives head on collision with mishandled car to chain weapon to get picked on by Uldren . Cayde says witty Cayde line which makes emo goth teenage girl Sov snot up his runny nose (allergies probably) . Sov proceeds to penetrate Cayde (physically) with his own gun (self f*cking himself like usual) . Your character took the scenic route to get to Cayde instead of the suicide drop because they have brains to avoid death, but not enough to not act on bloodlust of every enemy sighted . Cayde says dying Cayde words while you have a stroke which leaves you speechless ironically st the same time . Cayde-6 less cat lives does what your cellphone does and loses all battery life from leaving his downloading browser on without being charged . Master Knife Party Trick Venj gallops I’m equally having a stroke like you and is ironically speechless at his death
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