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9/10/2018 12:18:45 AM

My oracle offering was consumed by fireteam?

I just finished getting my oracle offering from doing the blind well bounty, so I went with my fireteam to go preset the offering. Once I caught up to my fireteam at the oracle when I was behind them it said that I didn't have an offering so I checked my inventory once again and I saw that my oracle offering was missing after my buddies had just gotten their gear. I talked to them about it and one of them said they were just able to open the chest that appeared there as soon as he was there, but believes since I was falling behind them the chest then despawned and I couldn't get any loot Does anyone know if this is how the offering system works when you're in a fireteam and if there is anyway for me to get those drops back??? Or even complete my weekly bounty for it now? I linked an image of my inventory to show that my inventory wasn't full when I redeemed the oracle bounty, and an image showing that I have the bounty registered as complete even though I wasn't able to get any loot

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