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Editado por AdderHead: 9/7/2018 5:10:26 AM

Way of the Current... oh boy

Ebb and Flow... seems to be a little hard to use, and the reward for your risk is not worth it. I have to melee my opponents after using one of my abilities in order to recharge my abilities... but they normally one shot kill the enemy... so how exactly am I supposed to use this perk? I can't use it on majors, I'll get destroyed by their melees. I can't use it on Ultras, I'll get sent flying by their slams. And I only get a tiny bit of dodge, grenade, and melee energy even if I'm successful. Tempest Strike... supposedly the Hunter's Shoulder Charge... does not one shot in Crucible. In Crucible, this melee ability is useless. Especially since the staff uppercut takes so much time to do and requires you to actually aim precisely with it opposed to the Titan's general direction aim, you're better off just doing a regular melee. Lightning weave... melee hits give you faster reload speed. Only weapon I can see this being actually useful with is the Ikelos shotgun. It's nice, but not powerful. At all. Wasted perk space tbh Whirling Guard... the new super... Oh jeez. Just wow. In pve, the reflected shots do like hardly 10% of a staff light attack. Completely useless. In PvP, the reflected shots need to be aimed precisely at the shooter, and still do negligible damage. Oh, and using Whirling Guard drains your super bar. By a lot. Like, twice the idle drain. I would literally benefit more from dodging repeatedly instead of guarding. Doing the math in my head real quick, dodging towards my opponents would save 3X the amount of super energy had I not used Whirlwind Guard. And I'm still pulling a Matrix on incoming shots. Also did some testing with Raiden Flux, there is absolutely no reason for me to guard instead of attacking with this super in PvE. Bungie, please buff this subclass tree in some way, literally any change would be beneficial. As an avid Arcstrider, this new subclass tree physically hurts me.

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