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Warlock Stormcall Super And Lack Precision Damage!!??

My main character is a Warlock, and I loved it then, and I love it now after Forsaken dropped. Stormcaller is great and When I’m using my Super, and running around like a Jedi Master is the highlight of my gameplay, but I saw an issue. Now that Forsaken is here I unlocked Chaos Reach, and it blew my mind. Doing the Kamehameha on a boss and watching his health plummit into nothing is the best, but that same issue is there. I’m talking about precision shots, it’s a game changer in this game no matter if you are a PVE, PVP, RAIDER or just a casual player who loves the game. Precision shots make or break a PVP fight in the crucible, and now it is the same in Gambit. In PVE public events, escaped prisoners, and just regular npc’s. When I hit that constant head shot and see that damage, or watch them explode when I have a gun with dragonfly i know I’m doing my job as a Guardian. So why when I Aim with Stormcaller or The new Chaos Reach why is there no precision damage counted when I am clearly aiming for their heads or their weak points. Please tell me this is in the works, this super has an opportunity to be better, if your treated it like a weapon and precision shots counted as damage.

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