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'Twas the Night Be-Forsaken (spoilers)

[u][b]‘Twas the Night Be-Forsaken[/b][/u] DISCLAIMER: Lots of people are confusing me with the original creator of these: BL4DE RUNNER UK. I am NOT him. Just an FYI for anyone who didn’t know that. ‘Twas thee Night Be-Forsaken, when all through the Reef, Not a Baron was stirring, not one giving me grief. All but Fikrul were in prison, in strife, In hopes that not one would get out with its life. But Petra knew better, she’d heard from Illyn, As visions of Fallen Scorn goosepimpled her skin; So Cayde in his old cloak, and I in my robes, Bust into the prison, muzzles flashing like strobes. But Cayde landed hard, with a gigantic splatter, His ghost had to res him, (his brains—they did shatter). He picked himself up, tired and achy And tried to contact us, but comm lines were shaky. The light from Cayde’s ghost threw shadows on walls Of a new kind of Fallen, unseen before (balls!) When what did to those wondering Fallen appear A silver hand cannon named Ace, striking fear! Cayde fired his cannon so lively and quick, That Scorn dudes were dropping like flies, it was sick! More rapid than Vandals, these new Fallen they came, But Cayde whistled and danced, he put holes in their brains. “Now, Fikrul! Elykris! now Hiraks and Kaniks! Come, Reksis! Araskes! come, Pirrha and Yaviks! To the first little dreg to the Kell of you all, Get back in your cage! Or I’ll show you a Fall!” With wave upon wave, those Scorn did approach, Our hero would give them a taste of reproach, Down from the balconies, down from the walls, Lining up each shot, Cayde downed them like thralls. At first none could touch him, at first he was safe, But not even Cayde can just sit there and strafe; He dodges and high jumps and grapples with ease, He makes these wimps look like chump Eliksnis! Now let us describe him, our hero in brown Prolonging the moment—we know he goes down His crown is a beautiful, beautiful horn, His wit is so good it drives out Eris Morn His indomitable spirit, his determination Made it possible to push back Ghaul’s Legion’s invasion His wisdom in humor. Motivation? His son. He’s got to be the best Dad and Vanguard in one. Now back to the action we go in a flash, He uses his head to perform a skull-bash, His super is glorious, his fury is red, But Pirrha, the sniper, will put him to bed. He’s beaten and wrecked, so he pulls out his ghost, Not knowing (how could he?) ‘little buddy’ is toast. A blink of his eye, an explosion of light, Cayde knows he won’t be able to come back from this fight. “I’m coming home, Ace” he exhales to his weapon, Just as The Hangman decides he’s got to step in. Cayde raises his gun, with steel in his eyes, Reksis Vahn will not wait though, smashing his prize Uldren Sov, of this plot the nefarious master, Appears on the scene, invoking disaster. “Any last words?” he chuckles with glee, “Yeah, how’s your sister...”, Cayde-6 is free. EDIT: WOW I cannot believe the positive response this has gotten. Definitely wasn’t expecting this, especially considering I had gigantic shoes to fill. I just want to say thank you to all of you who came and enjoyed what I wrote. This was a celebration of all the good that I hope Forsaken does for our community. #forcayde #getuldren

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