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Editado por Eiiektrikz: 9/3/2018 4:35:42 PM

Special ammo nerf from Rise Of Iron needs to return (For PvP only)

I seriously feel like its 1 step forward, 2 steps back for this franchise. You make a game around the crucible, but then enable people to win the game running around using nothing but shotguns. And you may think, well "they'll run out of ammo at some point" but no they won't. People respawn with special and can pick it up from fallen teamates and enemies, its essentially infinite. I'm finding less primary fights than I did in the whole 3 years playing Destiny 1, and its stupid. How Bungie think its ok to enable that sort of play after trying to combat it because of peoples complaining for 3 years is far beyond my comprehension. I absolutely hope there is an incoming change to the special ammo economy for PVP ONLY. Bear in mind, this is not hate. But instead criticism.

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