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8/28/2018 6:16:38 PM

catalyst drop rates are still bad, why is MIDA tied to Comp?

Bungie, I am dissatisfied with the drop rate of catalysts, and I'm dissatisfied that the MIDA Multi Tool catalyst is tied getting to top rank in Competitive. Prior to update 1.2.3, I received one strike catalyst, and one pvp catalyst. Since that update, I finally received my second strike catalyst, and my first raid catalyst, just this weekend past. I play daily, do all the weekly milestones, help my clan with extra runs, and have a lot of play time in the game. I love a good grind, but these drops rates are very poor. Two things in particular: 1. The rng factor of getting catalysts means that there is no reward for your time and commitment. It's like going to a casino, where you could spend three months at a slot machine, and lose every time. Yet the time you bring your friend in with you, they've never played a slot machine. They sit down, play once, and win the jackpot right away. That's pretty frustrating from a player's perspective. It would be nice if each completion of a heroic or prestige activity netted you something to ensure you actually GET a catalyst after a certain amount of completions. It could be behind the scenes, so it's still a surprise to the player. Ideas: If you complete 30 heroic/prestige strikes and nightfalls without a catalyst drop, you will get a drop within the next 10 completed strikes or NF. If you complete 15 prestige raids without a catalyst drop, you are guaranteed to get a catalyst within the next 5-10 runs. If you are missing the Skyburner's Oath catalyst, the chance to get it increases with EVERY raid section completion, whether you are doing Leviathan or the raid lairs, and regardless of difficulty level. If you complete 30 pvp matches without a catalyst drop, you will get a drop within your next 15 COMPLETED matches. Or your next 5 wins? Something reasonable. 2. I am very displeased that the MIDA catalyst is only dropping for people who are at max rank in Competitive. Why can't it be earned via Quickplay or PVE? Expecting the majority of the playerbase to achieve 5,500 points in the Competitive is unrealistic. Top-rank Comp players already have the Redrix Claymore as "their gun". Why did you decide to put the MIDA catalyst out of reach of so many players? I've seen arguments before that pve players shouldn't complain at having to do pvp, because pvp players don't complain about having to do pve activities like raids for top-tier gear. That comparison is flawed. If you're a pvp player who hates raiding or is bad at raiding, it's not hard for 5 decent players to carry you through raids, and you'll get the raid catalysts. Alternatively, you can stick to Trials and get excellent gear. If people get fed up and drop out of the raid, you don't lose progress. You aren't penalized in any way. You can save your checkpoint, and find a new person to help. A raid will take 1-2 hours with a competent team. Maybe 3-5 hours if you're struggling. But definitely less than one day! But if you're a pve player who is just average at pvp, or you're a bad pvp player, how are you supposed to find 3 players to carry you to 5,500 points in Competitive? Unless you're willing to pay someone money to carry you. And I think that really goes against the spirit of this game. If people quit, or somebody gets disconnected, or DDOS'd, you're penalized. You also need to get people to help you for HUNDREDS of games. So you cannot compare the time commitment between asking good raiders to help a pvp players get raid catalysts, versus asking elite pvp players to helping a pve player (or an average pvp player) get MIDA. I hope you change this, and I hope MIDA is able to be found via alternate means.

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