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4/22/2018 5:30:14 AM

I feel like weak and unbalanced

Bro idk is me ever time I play the crucible and iron banner I feel like unbalanced as hell every time shooting a opposing player it takes more then half a mag to kill him/her when I get shot I die less then 5 bullets and my grenades recharges slower and keep getting spawned killed my super charges slow as well not even half way trough the match the opposing team has their super fully charged u got sniped one shot full health in the foot chest idk I was at full health and he/she didn’t sniped me in the head and I died with a single bullet I feel like Bungie did some kind unbalanced meter of percentage of luck for the team for pvp I always die and my recovery charge rate is slow as hell too I almost got a kill then the player gets to cover soon I get close the player was a full recovery I didn’t understand how I had my recovery max and it’s the same I feel like im the only player is experiencing unfair weapon damage armor recovery and charging rate like dude what the -blam!- why is this happing to me when I deal player while there super is active their armor is stronger then normally I had to waste two mags or more when I use my own super I die so fast I get killed so easily what the hell ?! It’s like getting slap by a birthday napkin and instantly died of the must humiliation beyond of our humanity that just gets you nominated for most gaming humiliation in the universe! And most times I get killed from behind a player that I was no where near off like if your in a straight -blam!-ing hall and you look back absolutely no one as soon as you run your coming up to your target in your radar and your passing him/her and all the sudden get killed from behind the the spot you passed and magically pop up like -blam!-ing Chris -blam!-ing angel like come on I feel like I’m broken in pvp! Is anyone experiencing shit getting killed with less bullets slower charging rates and easily killed while super is active!?!? Because I feel like unbalanced as -blam!-!!!!

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