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8/29/2018 8:19:21 AM

Destiny 2 Weapons Time to Kill Spreadsheet updated for Forsaken DLC. Might help if you're looking for weapon balance changes as well!

[b]Welcome to a new age of combat guardians![/b] here's the link to the spreadhseet: this post got way too long! I just wanted to say, reading this article is not necessary for using the document. there's also a guide inside the spreadheet if you need it If this is your first time seeing my work, you might find some new concepts. if you are interested, you can check the "guides, terms, examples" page from within the spreadsheet . take your time. learn at your own pace. or just ignore the stuff you don't like for now and stick to the basic info! a few notes I feel I have to say: - big thanks to u/alexp1128 for providing me with all the Crit/Bodyshot damage numbers. - basically I'm far way from done! make sure you check the "online version" again later.just use [url]the the same link[/url] and you'll be good. I'll have to go to bed now though. there are a lot of things I'll be adding soon. new columns like Resilience Thresholds summary. weapon perks(like kill clip,...) will be added soon. I'll just have to check if the multipliers have changed since there was no patch notes. also will add Graviton Lance Profile tomorrow.and more stuff like Sturm with Overcharged rounds etc. or Light weight SMGs seem to have 9 different TTK scenarios! I ran out of columns in the "detailed chart".I will fix this later. - we are at "phase 1" of the updating process. for now I have used the on-screen damage numbers as input values in the formulas. this will lead to a false damage output for the weapons and that "may or may not change" the Shots/Time to kill and Combos. generally though, this margin of error due to rounding gets bigger for weapons with higher Shots to kill (looking at SMGs) - in phase 2 I will personally test Headshot Multipliers and check RPM for greater accuracy(very soon). btw,there are already a lot of incorrect in-game UI numbers. i.e 110 RPM hand cannons are actually 113 and so many more. on a side note I don't use RPM numbers in my formulas, so Don't worry these won't affect my calculations even now, as I use the actual Frame Pattern Data. - Phase 3 will be in-game tests for 100% accuracy(later). for all combos in all TTK scenarios for as many weapons as I can. it's gonna take some time so I'll have priorities(like hand cannons first)also I will add new column to the sheets to indicate whether the data has proven by in-game tests or not - about the Resilience Thresholds estimates chart: I did like to release it today. but it will have to wait until tomorrow. in theory, all I have to do is to put the crit/body damage numbers and everything else is generated automatically. still, I'll have to go now. this got longer than I expected. have fun playing Cheers!

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