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Believe It or Not: Iron Mutants and Alternate Ending (Destiny 1: RoI)

I do believe it!


I don't believe it!


I don't care.




Not cool!


Could be true.


Could not be true.


[u][b]The information[/b][/u] The Iron Remnants were supposed to secretly retain their consciouses or part of their humanity as revealed through an alternate ending to the "Iron Tomb" mission which we never found out or uncovered because the ending was unspokenly cut/unused. --- In the alternate ending, you were somehow supposed to "gain their trust" as part of the alternate ending in the Iron Tomb, when this happens, their 'gibberish' voices/dialogue would become clear and unscrambled, after some ghost transmission dialogue acknowledging that you can now fully understand them and what they say, they will not attack you. Then you were supposed to take the final remaining Dubious Volley pieces from the Iron Remnants to craft the Dubious Volley (which by the way breaks when its used too much) --- However, the mission's alternate ending was cut because the Dubious Volley had to be cut when the dev team were failing to bring it back in RoI due to unsolved problems like it performing very glitchy, or maybe potentially being overpowered than anything, and beyond any level in Destiny. (That is a theory based on how it functioned as my friend described) --- There is still some possible evidence in the game that you can check for yourself, and are probably remains of the Iron Lords being secretly human or "not truly gone": [b]1.[/b] If you don't attack the Iron Remnants, but instead hide from them and force them to become idle from your absence. They will do unique animations that you will never see anything in the game do. These animations are a kneel or relaxed pose which is less twitchy like a zombie. [b]2.[/b] The Remnant's dialogue, like their peaceful animations or stances, is unique. The undisguisable voices barking out of them sounds like a someone was speaking and then had his dialogue scrambled to make an easter egg in the game. (Ref: [url][/url]) [b]3.[/b] According to the class item "Idylls of the Iron Lords," the description states that: "The tale of the Iron Lords is not over." —Lord Saladin Forge [b]4.[/b] Another item from the Rise of Iron record book called "Once and Future," the description also states: "The heroes of the Iron Banner are never truly gone." So if you don't believe the information I told you, you can try the stuff I have talked about above? --- The reason why I know this is because I heard from a friend on a trip who told me of his friend who was able to download stuff from datamine and mod anything in the game from his console, and he was very secretive of sharing his discoveries online to anybody else. By typing this from memory, I am not entirely sure. However, I think it is true due to how legit it sounded when my friend was telling me. Say if it is untrue, I don't care, lying about something to create false hype or fake news is stupid, but I just really want to share this information because this something you will never hear or know for a long time like other things that were made in the game but were never uncovered by items trackers. Also I put a lot of work over the months to organize this information I remembered into a post, so please show some respect, and keep in mind I wouldn't have posted it if I thought it was true. edit: "Give something hate, it does not go anywhere. But give something skeptism instead, it goes somewhere."

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