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7/22/2018 11:18:53 PM

To encourage more players to Raid, maybe have a Practice Mode?

Basically, a no-risk no-reward instance of separate Raid encounters where players can practice raid mechanics. Differences from normal Raids: * Can travel freely between encounters. * Revive token system is abandoned, can revive infinitely. * Hints are displayed in the bottom left corner during each encounter, explaining some of the basic things like how to begin the encounter, what the objectives are, and how teams might fail. * Upon failing an encounter due to a specific wipe mechanic, said screen briefly explains said mechanic. * When the encounter resets, all player abilities are fully recharged and their ammo is fully stocked. * There are no rewards for clearing an encounter, this is only for practice. * Only available for a Raid once two weeks have passed since said Raid's release. * Players who have cleared the normal Raid may Toggle Prestige mode mechanics when in Practice Mode for that Raid.

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