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7/22/2018 4:21:14 PM

I'd like to see less derelict and broken places in future.

What I mean by this is...nearly 100% of the places we've visted so far within the Destiny universe have all been crumbling ruins with nobody living there except the one NPC that each zone has. Furthermore, we've never actually visited any truly alien places, everything we've done has always been on home turf. Any chance this might chance in the coming year? I'd really like to visit places outside the solar system at some point, places that are purely alien in nature. Maybe we might get to visit the Cabal homeworld at some point? It's supposed to be a hub of all kinds of alien species, so that could be interesting. We could also meet new races that are also fighting against the darkness, like us. Wherever we visit, I hope that one day, we might actually get to visit a fully functional city. Like ours, on Earth, except full of friendly aliens.
#feedback #alien

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