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7/17/2018 5:12:02 PM

Prestige Glitches

This past week has been the worst for glitches I have ever seen. Over the course of five different teams during the week....... Spawning two out of the void room in Calus? Same symbol on forehead three times? Double spawning into void? Calus going immune before the 3rd plate? Throw in the usual glitchy right side void room, or barriers that never appear and well,... there you go Prestige is difficult as it is but when you cannot complete the task only because the glitches never stop, it drives people away from the game. I no longer have an interest in completing another, and many other have sworn it off this week and said they were not bothering to get Forsaken because Bungie never fixes anything, while offering less and less. p.s. Don't relegate to some obscure corner where no one else can comment or even see the post. Make a copy if you must but leave the comment where I posted it.

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