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7/9/2018 9:01:51 AM

The Scorn... Just another re-skin?...

What's everyone's thoughts on the Skorn? Are they just another Fallen re-skin?... We've already had Siva so I'm kind of thinking - yeah it's going to be another re-skin... I do think they look pretty damn cool from what's we've seen so far though! I can honestly say I won't really care if they can pull off some great campaign missions and new lore along with replay-ability then I don't think I'll mind... That being said I know a lot of people will be thinking that it's just another lazy attempt for "new content"... But I guess I would argue that I would prefer a quick fix re-skin and concentrate on improving game play and replay-ability rather than putting everything into a new race and no game play improvements... What's everyone's thoughts?...

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