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6/21/2018 2:22:31 AM

About xxxtentacion...

So let me start off by saying that this isn’t Jun A266. This is ch33zy burrito. I’m using this account because -blam!- destiny 2 lol. Anywhom, I just wanted to clear up some things about X that might’ve been mixed up by the few here who did not know him. Let me be honest and say that I did not know him personally but I had met him several times before. The info I have on him comes from a friend of mine who was close to him for years until the very day of his murder. If you think the stories of him abusing his girlfriend are true , it’s because they are (but only to a certain extent). This all took place around March-June 2016 when they first started dating (I can’t remember the exact month). If I do remember correctly he was living in Orlando with his gf. For whatever reason he abused her and for a few days didn’t let her have outside contact with anyone to avoid being caught. He had just turned 18 a few months earlier. So after that he went to jail for aggravated assault (pretty sure he was fighting some dudes out in the street). And while in jail his girlfriend cheated on him with one of his friends. Now this is where it gets tricky. I heard this story a long time ago so I’m trying to remain as accurate as possible. X said that she got jumped (likely by his boys) but according to her he got out and beat her himself. I could just ask my friend the tru fax but I’m too lazy to lmao. The whole issue with his ex girlfriend is that she’s a known liar. 1. She lied about being pregnant. She never had a baby to this day! and only said that to try and protect herself from him. 2. She kept all of those things hidden for over a year until X got famous, likely to take as much money from his as possible. 3. She created a patreon for about $7000 to drop all charges on X. Which he [i]himself[/i] payed but she continued to keep up, likely to gain as much money as she could. So no, she did not lie about the first case of abuse. The second part of the story is much more unclear. I won’t try and justify what X did. He had anger issues and was just too aggressive at times but I’d like to point out that all these things happened at a young age. (imo he deserved some more time in the brig and that might’ve been the case). You could argue that him being in the spotlight was reason for his change but the truth is he has always believed in good energy and karma. X loved his fans. And he believed music to be a way to express the things he’s lived. Hearing this was hard for me. It sucks loving someone’s music so much and knowing that they have done such things. Regardless, his death was unfortunate and uncalled for. No matter what he’s been accused of. He was just 20 -blam!-ing years old. He had so much in his life that he had not yet accomplished like having kids and whatnot. The thing is, for the passed year at least he’s been doing the right thing. Donating his money, preforming at shows, buying his family places to stay, making fire ass music, avoiding conflicts with the law, and trying to spread his positive vibe. In just a few more years he could’ve reached Drake or Kanye level of influence but I guess it’s over now. Rest In Peace to one of the greatest artists of all time.
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