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6/25/2018 11:44:38 PM

Skyrim Xbox Mods

Hola partners, I just recently got back into Skyrim, retruned to my old save and realised besides the thieves guild quest line I have done all the other major quest including both DLCs. I decided to start with graphics improvements, I have 1K Skyland and JKs All n'One Skyrim. Next up I picked the Burma Expansion and a quick fix by getting the Parthunax Delema. So far that's it. Any other recommendations. I have 2.64 GB left for mod space. I have noticed much more recent frame rate drops. I am also playing on a regular Xbox One. With that in my mind ask you is it worth upgrading to the One S or X. Money is not an issue but I don't have a 4K tv I just want to hear that Skyrim with max mods performs better i.e quicker loading screens, consistent frame rate, possibly more polished graphics o, either of the newer editions of the current console gen.

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