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6/20/2018 5:28:55 AM

Destiny 2 Need Legacy Raids

Hello fellow Guardians, Bungie, I wanted to just share a little idea I've been thinking about recently. So as many of you may or may not know, the fate of D2 is kind of.. well for lack of a better term, dying. I've been playing a fair amount of D1 recently just as a trip down memory lane, and I have to say, nothing in D2 compares to the quality of the raids in D1. I've kind of been conducting unofficial surveys with the people I've been meeting up with to play the raids, and I always ask them the same question; "Why are you playing D1 and not D2?" and I always get a variation of the same answer; "D2 simply isn't as fun as D1". Now I absolutely understand that some people are going to disagree, and that is absolutely fine. However, it is undeniablely fact that interest in D2 is starting to wane and the player base/developer relationship has reached a new low, which brings me to my suggestion. Bring Destiny 1 raids, to Destiny 2. Bungie is consistently saying that they are listening and they want to bring "The Hobby" (which is a perfect way to describe how I feel about D1) back to the Destiny franchise, and this would not only give the newer players a taste of the older quality of content, give the older players a trip down memory lane, but I feel it would give the players that haven't made the jump, a little bit of an extra incentive. However, Bungie if you do really care about your player base, and you are actually interested in mending our very volitile relationship, this would have to be on the house, and at the least be very cheap. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all in Orbit.

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