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Do you like having no radar in Comp and Trials?

Yes, it's better than having a radar


Don't really care, I play stacked anyways




I've been playing some Comp lately (solo queue) and at first, I thought having no radar would allow me to make more individual plays. It's the opposite. Yes, I can flank and maybe get a kill or 2 (helps if I have heavy...which is another bad thing in PVP, thank god for new weapon system in September), but since I cannot hear players walk around, or see anything on my radar, flanking is super risky. So most players prefer staying with their teamates. Which sucks because the games are super passive. Also, should be called "Hunter Comp" playlist. It's crazy the amount of stacked hunters team I have faced, all wearing the same damn helmet (Wormhusk). I kind of wish Bungie was able to tweak armor pieces on the fly. When an exotic is so broken that every single hunters uses it, it's a good sign it's not balanced with the rest of the exotics. Flanking against a Hunter with that helmet is not rewarding since he just has to dodge, get a 2nd life with his health back, and most likely kill you if he's any good. All that being said, I think that having the radar back would at least help you take decisions on if you want to flank based on the information you get on your radar, or if you want to push a specific section of the map with your team. I would love to hear what Bungie have to say about their decision to remove radar. I find it really interesting to go with that decision, when the backlash during Spooky Trials in D1 was huge, with people complaining everywhere that no radar in Destiny PVP is bad. That would be like having your customers in a restaurant saying they do not like the special event meal you did during Halloween, and that you decide afterward to change one of the main meal with that ingredient a high number of people disliked. Not sure I understand here. I decided to make a poll, to see if I'm in the minority of people who dislike not having a radar, or if most of the community do no like that aswell. Peace

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    I just think having no radar in non obj. gamemodes isn't a good idea at all. If we could see something like Hardpoint from CoD or even Dom./Zone Control, it'd be a much better experience. I like no radar personally, and sound cues are definitely there. I've learned how to be very quiet without just sitting in corners or walkng everywhere, so I'm still very mobile. But sure, they could be more audible, though that just makes soundwhoring even stronger/easier. Meanwhile others still use their jump ability 24/7 and sprint everywhere; Titans most often being the loudest, because I can literally hear the wind around you when you're sprinting with any shoulder charge variant active. And when my team is pushing/collapsing, unless I'm on a flank, then I'll make all the noise I want because speed is better at that point. Outside of certain maps being banned/taken out of rotation, at least in this meta, and the addition of a respawn obj. gamemode(Survival has no obj., just life limit and tiebreaker cap point), the only other change I'd want is disabling emotes in those playlists so peeking in 3rd person with 0 risk to yourself is no longer a thing.

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