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6/18/2018 4:47:15 PM

Tips for players who are joining clans

[b][i]I noticed a few [/i][/b] common occurrences with people who are joining clans and then leaving within 24 hrs. Here are just a few tips to possibly help your experience when joining a new clan. [b]1[/b] BE SOCIAL Lots of clans have members who have already developed friendships through hours of playing. The best way to break the barrier is using clan chat and party chat to introduce yourself to established members. [b]2[/b] OPTIONS Lots of people are excited to join clans and don't take the time to see all the options out there. There are plenty of new clans popping up daily, dont feel rushed to take the first invite you get. [b]3[/b] CONTRIBUTE The last tip is that I feel like people are just looking for extra bright engrams. Do not join a clan just expecting the other members to do all the qork while you reap the rewards. Help put in the work and build your reputation in the clan as a team player. Hope this helps your experience!!

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