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Editado por randomguy44: 6/6/2018 6:27:02 PM

Can Dead Orbit please not be dirty?

Space Goths and quasi-defeatist ideology notwithstanding, I've always thought of Dead Orbit as having a bit more respect for themselves. They're supposed to have their eyes fixed on the stars, planning our grand escape and our eventual resettlement elsewhere in the universe. So why does their armor make it seem like they spend so much time in the muck? I'll admit that I don't especially care for the Wildwoods sets that the Anti-Extinction sets are based on, but they do have a certain rustic charm that I can admire and sport for a week-long rally. But when I went to shade the Warlock set, I was put off by the thick layer of grime that clings to the tattered coattails, no matter what shaders you try (If you're like me and you miss Hanged Man, I recommend going with full Monochromatic). I'm just trying to figure out the justification for all this dirt. Even the shaders can't be a clean black and white anymore. Instead they apply tarnished whites and greys to armor and guns. I get that each faction has gained a bit more character from D1 to D2, but are we to look at the gear Dead Orbit offers and presume that their vaunted fleet is in a similar condition? The Traveler coming back to life was a big enough blow to the Arach's philosophy, but this lack of cleanliness can't be helping recruitment either. I think the Season 3 ornaments remedy this issue slightly, but they introduce another familiar problem of swatches that don't accept shaders (and an unflattering green one at that). The Sartorial Struggle has been truly difficult through year 1 of D2. Can we please not let our faction choice further stack the deck against us?

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