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5/23/2018 8:13:33 AM

Bungie, i found a solution to your Escalation Protocol and I think it's an easy fix!

This could work! Great idea! Make Alliances a thin


Nah, this would never work...


No, Not a 6 man fireteam, no not a 9 man fireteam. We all know this will never be a thing. Its been requested for 4 years now and the fact that it's fallen on deaf ears till now even with Escalation Protocols development shows there is no hope for this feature but I have one better for you all. Alliances Now hear me out. Fire teams are made of 3 players. But what if we could create alliances to go into patrol. All this would do is send 3 teams to the same instance. As its alliance based, you still are 3 separate fireteams. Just that all 3 are being tunnelled to the same area. This is something I feel can be turned around in a short time too Essentially, each instance as a server destination you go to. All 3 connected fireteams would just have the same ID destination and boom. Problem solved. yes, they will need a bit of creative, and UX for the page layout or better yet, this could easily, easily be extended as a third option in Guided games. It's in Beta so if it messes up, well, its beta right? What do you guys think? I think this is a nice quick solution that's fast to turnaround. If you agree, upvote to get this trending so Bungie can see this. This could solve the whole EP issue entirely and then give them more incentive to make this sort of thing going forward. yes, this is pre-made fireteams, NOT matchmaking but yeah, one step at a time right?

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