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5/23/2018 1:05:45 AM

Guided Games Glitch

So a group of my clanmates and I decided to run a guided Leviathan, help someone, get shiny loot, best of both worlds! We get a seeker, he has no mic even though mics are required. At least he can hear and understand us. We decide to proceed. Get through the first encounter, not too many problems, little hiccup because of their inexperience, didn't wipe, cleared it in one phase. He gets his loot, we get him the underbelly chest and move on to the next encounter. As we're explaining, he emotes, votes to abandon, and leaves. Ok, no big, screw him, we'll get another guy. The spot fills quickly, we finish the raid. After the raid is over we see that our clan has lost two bars of our raid rating. Why? Why are we being penalized for someone else leaving? You want people to use this feature, make sure it works! Now we're on to trying to restore our rank, and can only hope this doesn't happen again.
#feedback #guided

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