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5/22/2018 2:47:18 AM

Haven't been on this site in 3 years. I need some help from long-time members.

Okay. So this is the first post on this site I've made in easily two or three years. I have no idea what is going on here, who's still around, etc. I need help finding details about a very old obscure post that probably none of you remember or even have seen. But I'm hoping there's at least ONE person around who might remember what I'm talking about. I remember a guy called Longface ("O_______O") who was writing a story called Singularity. It was essentially about a schizophrenic dude named Jacob who gets in a car accident and wakes up as a dragon-like alien in an alternate world called Falius where he realizes he is a figure called The Dreamer, who essentially, in the lore of this alien world, brings about the end of times. A large portion of this story had been fleshed out, and it was absolutely amazing. Eventually he scrapped it and started over, but I guess he just...vanished?? The point of this post is that I'm looking to write a sort of concept album based on this story, because I'm assuming he hasn't gone anywhere with it and published anything. It's a wicked cool story and I want to adapt it into music. I want to see if there's a place online where this story still exists somewhere, so I can recall as many details as I can. Is there anyone on these forums who could possibly be of any assistance? If you don't know anything about the story, I'd at least like to know if Longface is still around or if he's disappeared from this site.

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