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Editado por TheCloop: 5/16/2018 12:44:21 PM

Fix Guided Games

Well as the title implies fix your guided games because as it stands it has flaws that really should not be there. Firstly guided games is an 'opt-in' approach meaning as a seeker I only can be matched up with someone selecting guided games 'guide' option this is issue 1 and personally makes no sense because if no one opts in then no one uses it. is it fair that for a raid and nightfall 'seeker' I have to wait 6+ hours just to quite matchmaking and give up because I cba using your LFG system which should already be built into the game from day 1. Second issue remove guided games from Nightfall 'normal' what difference are heroic strikes to nightfall normal? I know mission rotation is different but no idea on anything else. If anything Ide rather play heroic strikes over a normal nightfall (after milestone completed) Third issues (more about advice/changes) guided games for 'prestige nightfall' and normal raid should be handled different. as mentioned before your first flaw is opting in to get a seeker. personally this should not work like this. It should work more like, if you have 6 people for raid but someone leaves. if someone is seeking a guide (up to a certain point in the raid) if 1 player from the raid leaves the fireteam leader can either open the lobby up to a seeker or your 'guided' games finds a seeker and the fireteam leader has the option to view/accept/decline the seeker into the group. this really should not be an opt in process for anyone other than the seeker. To counter the issues with 'seekers' make it so that you include minimum runs of the raid completed along with a slightly higher power level to what the raid requires this way you can be assured someone will not be a 'noob' when getting a seeker. this might actually let people use seekers more. btw im pc and with how few players there are on pc at certain times. you really need to do something with raid/nightfall. its bad when only 18% of your entire player base as completed end game content. should also mention I have done the raid 6 or 7 times Imm only matching using 'seeker' to show how bad an opt in process is when no one opts in on the 'guide' side of it.

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