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5/10/2018 6:18:52 PM

Banned for Cosplay...

Hello, i'm a french cosplayer and my account got banned... I went home today from my vacation and wanted to play the warmind DLC, only to find that my account has been banned.... The only thing that make me think that it could happen is that i tried to use ninjaripper some time ago... I've been selected for the french cosplay cup at the end of the year, and decided that i'd do a perfect cayde 6 cosplay for that... But looking for the most accurate references possible and seeing i had already no response when i was looking for Saint 14 references, i tried to use ninjaripper to get cayde 6 model to be as accurate as possible.... I didn't even managed to get anything and i took thousands of screenshoots .... I think that's what banned me... Is there someone from bungie support here ? Please i just wanted to be accurate for the competition, and seeing there isn,'t a cosplay guide or a way to have any zoom on this character in game, i don't think it's fair to ban me just for that... I was looking forward so much to the new armors from the dlc..... Can somebody help please ?....

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