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Editado por GrandpaRob31: 5/10/2018 1:52:51 PM

Why are people so upset about Nokris and Xol?

Maybe I just don't get it, it's the story missions. When has any story mission boss been really challenging? Nokris is Crotas brother. Both are very powerful, but doesn't anyone remember how easy it was to prevent Crota entering our world in The Dark Below? It wasn't til we got into the raid that Crota was actually challenging. And Xol. I see everyone saying "How disappointing, he's a worm god, he should be stronger than oryx". NO, just flat out NO. If you've read the lore you know Oryx had to kill the worm god Akka to gain the power to "Take". Xol was considered the weaker of the worm gods. Therefore Oryx is stronger than Xol. And you can't compare "Raid Oryx" to "Story Xol", we have to compare apples to apples. Xol, as we've seen him so far I would say was a little weaker than what we saw from Oryx in the Story Mode of The Taken King. One last note, Nokris was stricken from the hive record for heresy against the sword logic and practicing resurrection, and Xol practiced the same. Who says we've seen the last of them? We still know anything about the Savathun expansion, who knows what we hear from them. [b][u]EDIT[/u][/b] Ok, I think we've established a few things that I should probably clarify. 1. I agree that the story was not told in the best way possible. We probably should've had a little context. However, from a story board standpoint the Hive struck all record of Nokris. So, how much is there to find out before hand until we see him? Is this a "Struck from the World's Grave" or an instance of so cleanly wiped, no one but a few Hive new he ever even lived. Xol, well, my only argument there is who knew where he was and how long had he been frozen down there. 2. Bungie reuses content. Why would it be so surprising to see these 2 again with the Savathun DLC? 3. Yes, they weren't done justice. They should have their own raid just like Crota and Oryx, but you can blame the whole Leviathan story line. Personally, not a fan. I would love to see them do a Xol/Nokris raid with both of them as final bosses. But it's not fair to compare these [u]Story Mode Bosses[/u] to other [u]Raid[/u] bosses. Compared to the Story Mode Oryx and Crota, I'd say these were on par for difficulty. 4. This DLC wasn't about Xol or Nokris. Anna and Rasputin were the main characters, Xol and Nokris were just some random bosses to fight. At the same time, they kind of work like that. Nokris was striken from record, Xol was basically MIA, and who knows how long they were frozen under there. Think about from a movie standpoint. You go help some girl with a thawing Warmind. Some frozen hive start attacking, and all of a sudden this mythical worm and a dude you've only ever seen a statue of come outta the ice. How much info could you have know before hand? The only other info you have is what Zavala and Anna tell you before hand. How much do they know?

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