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Editado por Talia Sendua: 5/10/2018 9:01:41 AM

Casual/Solo-Community, we have to talk about your expectation of Escalation Protocol-difficulty

[i]First of all, I want to point out that this will be a long thread, so you amybe should grab something to eat/drink while reading my post. Thanks. [/i] So, 2 Days ago the Warmind DLC was released. A DLC I waited for. A DLC which promised me longer grind and hold the promisse. Instead of many others here, which complain that escalation protocol is "too hard" for them, I actually enjoy the high difficulty [i](besides cursing while dieing because of my stupid deaths)[/i]. Some of this players seems to expecting still that the loot should be handed out like snow on a winter day. But that's wrong, there should be always a system which rewards effort with loot. And this activities should be something that needs time and patience. Do you want to hear a story about patience adn dicipline in a destiny game? I can deliver one: Some of you can maybe remember themselfs to the first week the vault of glass was released in D1, right? Well, I, as a new player at this time, had never played a raid, avoided every hard challenge in a game, etc. So, I have seen at this time the raid marker on the orbit map and was thinking, "why not trying this out?". I jumped in and got totally wrecked by myself being light level 24 (light lvel 26 was recommended in the activity). I really quick realized how the spire mechanic worked and said to myself, "It is time to break this solo player tradition, let's find some other guardians". So I flew to the tower and asked nearly every german speaking player I met on it. After 45 Minutes (?) I finally had 6 together (1 friend of me, the rest were randoms I never had met before). We jumped in, I explained them the mechanic of the spire at the beginning and we started with the good old 2-2-2 constellation. We all were underleveled because noone of us was light level 25 or above. [i]And here starts the part where you can find the dicipline and patience of players in a game like Destiny... [/i] We got wrecked by the vex minotaurs over and over again. We died over 40 times (each of us) within 2 hours. But we still continued, not knowing if this effort would it be worth. After 3 hours we were still not done with the encounter but we died extremely often. Then, after 4 hours trying, we got 6 other random players in the patrol zone of the vault which decided to stay with us (the most before just continued to enter the next patrol area. This 6 randoms helped us and after 30 minutes trying we were in. None of those randoms was also above light level 25. But they showed us, that as a crowd, the hardest challenge can be beaten. They showed us, that patience and dicipline will pay of at some time. And they showed us the best aspect of the game: stick together and you will succeed. For me, that was my best D1 experience ever. Not because I got an op gun or the armor I wanted, no. I got the real experience Bungie wants for this game from beginning. Not friendship. It was confidence. Confidence about getting help with time or when you ask. So to all of you solo/casual players out there: Don't be afraid about difficulty or effort, there are people.... no, there are guardians, which are always willing to help others in need and being able to do it quickly. Most of them will help you, if you ask them. And many of them will do it without demand (like me and those legendary guardians which helped us). That's all I have to say about this current discussions here. Have fun in the game and become legend, guardians.

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