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⚔ [XB1] [NA] ⚔ Highly Selective Endgame Clan Recruiting Top 10,000 Players (Raid.Report/TRN)

[url=]Jan Quadrant Vincent 16[/url] [b]Please Visit Our Website[/b] - [URL=][/url] [b]Clan Founder:[/b] [url=]CriminyJickett[/url] [b]Raid Report:[/b] [url=]CriminyJickett[/URL] [b]Please see the bottom of the thread for clan statistics.[/b] ▫ At this point in time, we are only interested in players who show very high raid and PvP IQ. Candidates must have multiple Prestige Leviathan clears and notable PvP excellence. ▫ We are a very active community of Prestige mode-oriented raiders. We also have an outstanding Trials of the Nine presence. ▫ Our members clear Prestige Mode Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and often go Flawless multiple times on a weekly basis. ▫ Looking for serious but laid-back players. Candidates must be highly active in Destiny 2, however, please note that most of our members do have full-time careers or are active students. ▫ While we use every resource in which we can to assess our aspiring members, players who join that do not show these qualities, players who are toxic to the community, or players who do not participate with the clan will be asked to leave the clan. ▫ We do not recruit minors and are Prop 64 friendly. ▫ Must be able to make it to a quadrant... not expected to be in two quadrants at once. Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 is recruiting five final members. Experienced and active raiders who wish to play with talented, like-minded individuals, and still find the time to enjoy large doses of Destiny 2, are especially encouraged to join. Aside from our core progression group, we are building a strong community of hard mode raiders to form chemistry with, without having to rely on LFG tools. We will only be recruiting a handful of additional members, so do not miss out! Our clan was founded in late Fall of 2017 and has grown and restructured along its journey. The founder of the clan has a notable résumé of leading teams and guilds in both eSports competition and world ranked MMORPGs, respectively. Achievements of past organizations include Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) quarter-finals and world first boss kills and raid clears. Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 is organizing itself in such a way that players can experience the same type of raiding efficiency, but still enjoy lives outside of Destiny 2. The clan is very close-knit and is not expected to exceed the current member cap of 100 clan mates. [b]Please note that we will be checking your past raid progress, ELO, and KD. It is unlikely that we will recruit players that do not have multiple Prestige Leviathan clears, a high completion ratio, and noteworthy performance in their PvP participation. This elitist attitude may be off-putting to some, but it is how we choose to ensure that our member base has extensive Destiny 2 experience. In addition, we will be looking into your heatmap and recent activity; we are interested in members who play quite frequently. Because we are only recruiting a select number of members to fill out our roster, we are currently being quite scrutinous with our standards.[/b] Our current group of members is expected to meet and maintain these specifications as the game continues to grow. We heavily utilize a very well-organized Discord server for communication and group formation. Discord is required. The server is accompanied by a Charlemagne bot, which helps with creating and scheduling events and looking up stats. As a clan, we do not intentionally glitch or use known exploits to kill bosses. We're not looking to make the news for world first boss kills but are looking to keep up with top-level progression and upcoming gear expansion in a like-minded, relaxed environment. [b]Message on Xbox GT: CriminyJickett or here on Bungie [url=]CriminyJickett[/url] for more information.[/b] [b]Clan Totals As of 05/02/2018 -[/b] [b]Total Full-Time Membership:[/b] 72 Guardians [b]Total Raid Clears:[/b] 6,931 [b]Total Prestige Leviathan Clears:[/b] 2,419 [b]Fastest Full Prestige Leviathan Clear:[/b] 33 Minutes 6 Seconds [b]Total Flawless Tickets:[/b] 321 [b]Total Members with Platinum Trials ELO:[/b] 21 [b]Average Trials ELO:[/b] 2,140

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