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5/2/2018 5:43:01 PM

Few questions about equipment and combat

Hi, if someone doesn't mind answering few questions for a noob ... here they are: 1. What can disrupt radar - some exotics related to Hunters or some other stuff too? 2. What can cancel super power except Nightstalker's super (it happened to me today and didn't quite catch how - but it wasn't the tether) 3. Is smoke bomb the only way that other classes(team members) can be invisible? 4. Melee fight one-on-one, is Hunter the strongest? Using Titan, I never won against Hunter trading punch for punch when attacking first ... It makes sense that Hunter has stronger melee attack but Titan should have better resilience but despite this, Hunters seem to be stronger, regardless the small variations in M-R-R configuration. Two punches are not enough to kill them, but enough to kill Titan.

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