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4/29/2018 9:49:50 PM

Buff Celestial Nighthawk

I know you're all getting ready to write a reply about what an idiot I am for asking for a buff to the best PvE exotic evar. Some of you i'm sure didn't even wait to read the post before making it. But i'm not talking about the damage. I'm talking about Celestial Nighthawk's secondary effect, one that many people probably didn't even realize it has. Enemies killed by it explode. The D1 perk Combustion was basically added to Nighthawk as an intrinsic ability. However the explosion is small and pitiful. Barely even registers. Hell, you might see it happen and not even notice it. If it's going to make enemies explode it should do it right. The explosion needs a massive range boost. More similar to the explosion from [url=]Zen Meteor[/url]. When something is killed by Nighthawk you should instantly know that was a Nighthawk. You should be able to kill a major/elite and explode all his little buddies crowding around them. This makes Celestial Nighthawk a much more viable pick outside of just boss fights. Some might be saying that Celestial Nighthawk is supposed to be designed for single target damage and thus giving it massive AoE to get multikills is not how it's meant to be used. In response to that I have another idea. If Bungie doesn't want it to be majorly explosive then they should simply do away with the explosion effect entirely and give it back its ability to pierce. But unlike D1's Keyhole, not just pierce enemies, pierce everything. Enemies, allies, barriers, even the geometry itself. Titan popped a barricade in PvP? Nope, blast right trough it. Now they're inside a Ward of Dawn? Nope, I can still hit you. "What?! That's totally OP. Not only is GG an instant kill, but now you want it to kill me even behind cover from across the map?" Yes you may be thinking that sounds OP in PvP, but consider this. Using Celestial Nighthawk means you're sacrificing your ability to kill multiple enemies. You're devoting your entire super to kill just one enemy. But nothing can stop you from getting that kill. In very rare cases you may line up the perfect shot to get that epic 2 for 1, but it's almost always going to be limited to just one kill. Also remember that even if GG is able to pierce through everything is doesn't have infinite range. In order to kill you the user must still be close enough to deal fatal damage [i]and[/i] know your exact position without being able to see you. Anyone worried about this breaking PvE encounters where bosses use barriers, they can just be placed in an Immunity state.

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