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FULL!!! XB1 | NA | Active | PvE and PvP | The Ascendant Kings

FULL, MAY BE KICKING INACTIVE MEMBERS SOON. “We are the last of Oryx’s armies...” Recently the Shadows Of Calus, the new Ascendant Kings is accepting members. We are a level 6 clan that has completed Season 1 and Season 2 (obviously). Requirements will be below, but we at least ask that you will be active in Season 3. Recently (in relative terms), we have just dumped off around 60-70 people who were inactive. Either that or some just left themselves. PS- This clan basically revolves around Oryx and his army, but we are still tweaking/editing some things. Ask me or VoidPrax for more details. Xbox-based, no PS4/PC users allowed. Don’t waste our time. Requirements: Must have Warmind by Season 3, age 12+, be mature, have good character, and don’t be a jerk to admins/the owner. Be active once Season 3 hits! Currently, we are at 76 members and we would love you to join <3. (We also have a discord on our page, btw. Listed in our clan description.) How to get an invite: 1. Upvote this post 2. Reply to this post confirming that you upvoted. 3. Also include that you will be active in Season 3 in that reply. I will message you the invite.

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