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Editado por Yarbey: 4/20/2018 1:21:53 AM

Everyone remember tomorrow

As many of you know tomorrow is "420" so the Recreational drug users are going to be out in force. Talking about how miraculous their favourite addiction/crutch is. However i am here to remind you they are pathetic people, and deserve to be looked down upon. To do anything else just encourages their unhealthy life style. Some of you need to be reminded that what they are doing ingesting an illegal substance that diminishes their mental capacity and essentially turns them into large children both on and off their "high". As they become moody like children without it. It's a very sad existence that they will go very hard to justify, and make seem cool. Almost all of them will tell you the same lies or half truths in it's defence. They will say things like "Pot isn't at all addicting, it's been proven!" Which is a half truth bordering on being an out right lie, while pot isn't addicting in the same was as alcohol where you can die from withdrawal, it is in fact addicting more like gambling where you won't die, but can't quite help yourself. Then there is also the outright lie, of it being safe to drive while high. This is 100 percent false, and a lie. Pot inhibits your judgement, and makes your reaction time slower. However i am sure someone will take issue with me saying this, as their propaganda has told them it is 100% safe . Anyway everyone just remember not to encourage them in the use of their completely unnecessary crutch. They already know it's pathetic, that's why they demand outside approval so vigorously. So in closing remember not to encourage them, and don't be cowed by their lies or half truths. You'll be doing them a favour.

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