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ACD/0 Feedback Fence: How it works, and the effects of Kessler Syndrome

Now I originally wasn't actually intending to do this as Feedback Fence isn't all that complex, but I did the work so I might as well share the results. ACD/0 Feedback Fence's perk, Fury Conductors, states that: [quote]Melee kills build up explosive energy within the ACD/0 Feedback Fence. Being struck by a melee attack unleashes this energy in a devastating explosion.[/quote] Big talk, but does it back it up? Well, not really. By default being hit by a melee attack will unleash an explosion that damages everything within 5m around the player for 22% of their base melee damage. This explosion will also slightly push enemies backward. If the player gets successful melee hits (meaning they connect with a target) it will add a stack of Fury Conductor. You can gain up to 3 max stacks. Every stack adds an additional 22% of your base melee damage to the explosion. 1 stack deal 44%, 2 stacks deal 66%, 3 stacks deal 88%. This is only base melee damage; any abilities that increase melee damage have no affect on the damage dealt by Feedback Fence. Once the explosion is triggered the player will lose all their accumulated stacks. After 10 seconds without a melee hit the player will also lose all stacks. If the player already has three stacks subsequent melee hits will simply reset this timer. [1.2.3] - Each stack of Fury Conductor also reduces the amount of melee damage the player takes by 33%. This stacks multiplicatively. That means at three stacks the player does not receive 1% of melee damage, but rather ~29% of melee damage. ACD/0 Feedback Fence is best utilized in playstyles that involve getting right in the enemy's face, melee focused builds especially. The [i]Code of the Protector[/i] and the [i]Code of the Juggernaut[/i] are good picks due to their ability to regenerate health on melee kills, which is useful since taking damage is required to activate Feedback Fence's ability. [i]Code of the Aggressor[/i] and [i]Code of the Earthshaker[/i] also compliment this exotic as the explosions from the melee abilities [i]Shield Bash[/i] and [i]Seismic Strike[/i] count as melee damage. Thus if used in a group of enemies the player can instantly gain all 3 stacks of Fury Conductor at once.

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