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4/21/2018 8:11:41 PM

Iron banner Problems/ Fall update should be free.

Im not coming here to join the toxic community. Bungie you perfected D1 game. Iron Banner was amazing and very rewarding. Even if sometime lag was there was still great. In D2 after a long hiatus I tried return to play 6v6 Iron Banner. And there is too much wrong. And you guys can say were expecting too much because you had almost perfect game. -The spawning is horrible. -Maps are too small, this was focused on with your guys rumble error of 8 people. -The way matchmaking has been taking too long, then I get paired against stacked team of 6. Mercy ruled 6 times back to back with no super. Being a solo player it makes me not enjoyable it. Thats the most important part. - The sandbox updates are taking way to long its pretty obvious the community frustration. Other titles*cough* Fortnite. Release weekly updates. 6 MONTHS for a real update and you want us to pay for it after you guys made a mistake. Fall update should be FREE to respect your community and show you still care. -No Saniity

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