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Editado por LeVante: 4/16/2018 10:40:29 PM

Matchmaking completely broken tonight

I play PvP every day competitive and quickplay. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Teams change, different people...I'm not good at it but it seems ok. Tonight the people in the opposite team was so sweaty all the time. Check my stats. Have been losing 5 games in a row with negative efficiency and I'm not the only one! How's it possible that 5 times in a row changing teams we're always on the losing side. There's no confrontation at all, we're not losing with a 6-4 score, no we are at zero all the times. What's wrong with this game? Why sometimes it just happens like that?!? And then a few days later we'll be on the other side winning everything ridiculously. I don't understand. What's the logic behind such stupid matchmaking? Are there some days where it tries to disgustingly unbalance for no reason? Does the matchmaking break some days? Cause this is the impression I have. Some days it just does NOT WORK. Either you extra win or you get completely massacred.

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