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The Echo Saga || "Era Drakka" #9 || Into The Sink

[spoiler]Sorry for the long wait, school and Destiny2 delayed me. If you've forgotten what happened previously, the main page link is down below[/spoiler] ERA DRAKKA [i]Cereghetti[/i] Stepping over a large trunk, Cereghetti cursed the almost unbearable heat again. She almost wished that it was still raining, but then realized that it would make the soil one big mudpool, which would be even harder to walk through. Behind her, Lee was comparing the heat to the deserts of the Great Southern Wastelands, his mumbling barely hearable. Still, his heavy Southern accent was present. As Cereghetti pushed aside a heavy, moss-covered branch, all kinds of strange creatures tumbling off, she encountered a small stream, its unearthly green water slowly making its way through the woods. She decided to wait for the others, as William had stopped a couple of minutes before to take samples of a flower. A bloody flower! God knows why they thought he'd be useful here, in the wild. Luckily, she didn't have to wait long for her team member, and they could continue the rest of the boring journey fairly quickly. After almost a day of continuous walking, they had finally reached the signal mentioned by one of the long-range scanners. The Fireteam easily made her way through a rusted fence, avoiding the sharp barbed wire, and after a few more meters, they arrived at their destination. In front of her, the ground seemed to suddenly end, to continue going about a hundred meters lower than them. It was a small Sink, like so many others on Venus. Created during the Golden Age, these were made to avoid heavy thunderstorms by artificially lowering the terrain surrounding a city or complex. Perhaps the most famous Sink is the Ishtar one, which was ruined by one of the heaviest storms ever, bringing down the high walls and strong dikes that held back Venus' wild nature. And as the walls, along with the Ishtar academy, crumbled during the chaotic Collapse, only the name was remembered, leaving the Ishtar Sink to the jungles of Venus. This wasn't Ishtar however, Cereghetti thought, and she gestured the others to join her on the edge of this Sink. "If you guys can stop admiring the probably very interesting view, we've got a job to do" Cereghetti's amused voice made the men from her team hurry to her position, eventually crouching besides her. "Alright", Cereghetti began, a subtle commanding tone in her voice. "Echo assigned me as the designated leader of you lot, so listen to me. I've got more experience anyways" She took a deep breath before starting her short briefing. "First of all, this is a stealth mission, so please be silent and don't act like you're taking a walk in the park. According to our probably unreliable scanners, our main enemy will be the Fallen. Hopefully, they'll be disorganized as always. However, there are still some difficulties here. Due to their lack of professionalism, Fallen guards like to chat through their voice channels. It would be suspicious if that suddenly disappears, so the Syndicate has made a fake audio recording of Fallen chatter, but even that won't last. So we've got to be quick. Oh, and one final thing: don't shoot their heads" Even behind his heavy helmet, Williams non-understanding expression could be seen. "Why? That's, you know, their weak spot. It would decrease our combat efficiency by a lot. Hey, that rhymes!" Cereghetti sighed, and she saw Lee rolling with his eyes. "Do you know how much sound escaping ether makes? Because it's loud. Very loud" "It'd be like puttin' a red neon sign 'bove ya head which says that yer there. And she's the damn leader, so ya best listen to Spaghetti, got that?", Lee added. 'Spaghetti' tried to kick him in his gut, but he simply jumped a meter backwards, avoiding her completely. She then gave up, promising herself to have her revenge later, and started to descend a ladder towards the bottom of the Sink, followed by Lee. William looked hesitantly towards the old, rusted bars, but then shrugged and went along with it. About half-way through, Cereghetti suddenly stopped, surprising the Southern man above her. Pulling out a small gun, she aimed in what seemed to be in the general direction of a nearby building and fired. A long rope erupted from the short barrel, and hit the opposite wall, just under a window. Her seemingly random shot obviously wasn't, and she proceeded to attach the pistol on her own wall, creating a fifty meter-long connection between her and the building. Without second thoughts, she grabbed it and, her raven-colored hair along with herself hanging upside down, she swiftly got to the building. As she grabbed a ledge and pulled herself into the room, it took her less than three seconds before she had readied her signature CAR-15, 'clearing' the already empty room. Now focused on her job, she took a quick glance backwards, noticing the others following her on a distance. Good. Not that she would have stopped if they weren't there. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS [spoiler]More stories will be added onto the main page, which I will link here.[/spoiler]

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