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9/10/2017 3:52:12 PM

Will rapid fire through mouse software or otherwise get you banned if you require it to play?

Hello. I am someone with a physical handicap(I wont get into specifics), I rely on rapid fire to use weapons like hand cannons and semi-auto weapons since I can't play for longer periods than 10-20 minutes without getting pain, cramps or stiffness, which may not sound bad but when you're handicapped, it hurts a lot. Plus there are others who has it much worse than me, people with disfigurements, missing limbs, loss of function in limbs and much much worse. That's why I use rapid fire via software like Logitech Gaming Software or Steam's controller software. I don't use it so I can fire over 9000 rounds per second. Just so it can fire like any other player usually does. This is usually not an issue for singleplayer games which is what I usually play but it has gotten people banned in other games in the past. So before I use it in-game and potentially get myself banned, I would like to have an answer from Bungie directly. Will I get banned for using it? Is there a limit as to how fast I can set it to fire? If so how much? If not, this is quite troublesome for me and I have no doubt others with the same or similar conditions. That means we can't use hand cannons or semi-auto rifles which puts a limitation on the content we can enjoy. I would like to ask Bungie to please consider allowing people to use it within a set limit to the rapid fire to say 1-3 shots per second. There isn't a lot of support for handicapped people in gaming because what we'd have to rely on in order to play at the same level as others would be cheating software. Which I understand that there's a dilemma. Becuase if you cheat and get caught, you could just say "I'm handicapped, therefore I should be excused" and how can Bungie then prove that person wrong? Anyone could type up a pretty convincing Word document and how can Bungie say that one forgery is wrong while an actual diagnosis document is right? It would take a lot of man power and it's not feasible. I personally think that rapid fire set to 1-3 shots per second is very harmless and that there are limitations on the guns how fast some can fire. I played Destiny 1 which was some time ago but I can't remember any gun that allowed you to fire as fast as you could pull the trigger that some guns in some games include. If there are none in Destiny 2, I see no reason as to why rapid fire shouldn't be allowed as long as it's not a software that alters the actual game. Hope this post isn't too long but is there anyone else who agrees or disagrees with my opinion? Should these things be allowed in the game? Is it currently allowed(I have no idea, hence this post)? What are your thoughts? I really don't mean to sound like an SJW(I'm not one), it's just really frustrating when you can't use that awesome gun you just got simply because your hands wont allow you to.

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