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4/4/2018 5:23:27 PM

@bungie , @DMG04, @cozmo, @cgbarrett: Don't fix something that wasn't broken. D1 HM raids were amazing!!

Some of my Clan mates have recently signed back in and taken an interest in raiding. Playing through D2's prestige raid in comparison to playing D1's Hard Mode raids is kind of ridiculous. I'm not talking about the raid themselves. Everyone has their list of Destiny's raid ranks. I'm talking about what made them Hard mode over normal. No revives. The raid was designed around the HM, and some mechanics are taken out of NM. Stronger, unique loot. A feeling of power once you've collected that loot. Raid weapons that had unique perks that helped in the raid and outside the raid. Hard to acquire raid loot. Hidden secrets in the raids. More boss fights. Etc. etc. etc. The D2's launch system, and this new idea coming in May seem like another example of Bungie trying to fix something that is already awesome. Note: I want to clarify my statement "More boss fights." I'm not saying that the encounters in D2, so far , ain't cool. i.e. The jumping puzzle, engine room, gauntlet, & pleasure gardens. But these would've made an amazing raid if they were the in-between encounters to boss fight encounters. Example: What if the Leviathan raid would've been Open up the bath house via the castellum, from the bath house you had to get through the pleasure gardens to get to the next boss fight. After that boss fight you had to get through the gauntlet to get to the next boss fight. Then another small encounter before the final boss fight, Calus? It may have been on King's Fall status.

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