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3/16/2018 11:27:58 PM

Guided Game [Beta]

So... i got disconnected and when i tried to rejoin my team i wasn't able since i instantly received a "oathbreaker" ban. Maybe change it so people can rejoin and only receive the "oathbreaker" after the game actually ended. You are creating more oathbreakers that way because a DC isn't really something someone does voluntary. Finding a Guided Game alone is almost impossible so by disabling people to play that mode (as 2) reduces that chance even more. Even the invite from my clanmate didn't help so basically the way "oathbreaker"-system works made me break my "oath" although otherwise i could've easyly rejoined my team right away (1-2mins to rejoin tops) and upheld said "oath". Strange system hope that gets tweeked.

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