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3/10/2018 11:09:54 AM

[XB1] [NA] - Invite Only Prestige Mode Raiding Clan - Recruiting Active Raiders with Leviathan and Eater of Worlds Experience

We are a North American clan, but do accept all English speaking players. We do not recruit minors. [url=]Please Visit Our Website - Jan Quadrant Vincent 16[/url] Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 is still recruiting active players that wish to raid with talented players on weeknights and weekends. Experienced raiders who may have unpredictable schedules and weekend warriors are especially encouraged to join. Aside from our core progression group, we are building a strong community of hard mode raiders to raid and form chemistry with outside of the Xbox and Bungie Looking for Group tools. We will only be recruiting a handful of additional members, so do not miss out! [b]Please note that we will be checking your past raid progress. It is unlikely that we will recruit players that have not been attempting Prestige raiding. This elitist attitude may be off-putting to some, but it is how we choose to ensure that our pool of raiders has some experience with hard mode. In addition, we can tell if you cheesed Calus on Prestige Mode. We find this distasteful, and having a history of cheesing will likely hurt your recruitment chances. We also consider highly active players with a past history of noteworthy Destiny 1 raid progression, former world-ranked World of Warcraft players, former eSports players, and competitive Trials of the Nine players that are interested in Prestige level raiding.[/b] We heavily utilize the Destiny Companion smartphone app for clan communication. We also utilize a Discord server for communication and group formation. [url=]Jan Quadrant Vincent 16[/url] ▫ We are striving to build an active community of hard mode oriented raiders ▫ Recruiting select players who are tired of using LFG for weeknight and weekend raiding ▫ Looking for serious but laid-back players. Patience and teamwork when discussing strat options is important to the success of the community ▫ Individuals with an interest in theorycrafting and minmaxing gear are encouraged to join ▫ No minors (18+) ▫ Prop 64 friendly ▫ Must be able to make it to a quadrant... not expected to be in two quadrants at once [b]Calling All Jan Michael Vincents![/b] We are a raiding clan comprised of active players who enjoy hard mode raiding. Jan Quadrant Vincent 16, like many others, ended up getting a late start with Destiny 2. After the clan's formation, we rapidly advanced through normal mode followed by prestige mode Leviathan, with many raiders having dozens of clears by the end of Season 1. We are growing quickly, and are excited to say that we are in the final stages of recruiting. A day after the launch of Curse of Osiris, Jan Quadrant Vincent enthusiastically resumed progression. Our core members and raiding community are quickly gearing up for Prestige Mode Eater of Worlds. With the release of Eater of Worlds, we achieved a day two clear. As of now, our core progression group well over twenty clears on Argos, and has lost count. In addition, our core progression team often clears Prestige Leviathan multiple times a week. We are now building our raiding community to do the same. Aside from raiding, we have a robust Trials of the Nine community, and many players that regularly go Flawless. As a clan, we do not glitch or use known exploits to kill bosses. We're not looking to make the news for world first boss kills, but are looking to keep up with top level progression and upcoming gear expansion in a like-minded, relaxed environment. Message on Xbox One or here on Bungie [url=]CriminyJickett[/url] or for more information!

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