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Uriel's Gift broken?


Remove High caliber rounds on UG?


Make UG an exotic?


Do nothing about UG?


Decrease the handling and stability?


Remove the elemental damage?


So, I come here after playing many hours of iron banner/crucible. I am a seasoned D1/D2 player. I have been playing since before they named a year 1 in D1, and was there on the first day of D2. I hate to be the salty OP, but I cannot endure anymore how broken Uriel's Gift is. This is seriously the most broken gun in Destiny 2, other than The Last Hope -- but that's a different topic of discussion. This gun is broken because it kills guardians from SCOUT RIFLE RANGE, and of course in close combat it's as OP as lettuce is green. It's incredibly frustrating because it require's ABSOLUTELY NO SKILL AT ALL to use, and you just hold the right trigger down and move your right thumb a micrometer in any direction to kill someone. That's literally all you need to do. In close quarters, when opposing someone who uses Uriel's Gift, I can put three bullets into them before they even start shooting me and they will STILL end up being victorious at least 8/10 times. Why is this? Well, auto rifles will ALWAYS shoot fast, and faster than most guns in the game. With that being said, it fires 5 shots probably in at least 1 - 2 seconds -- which again is understandable since its an auto rifle -- and that's all it needs kill a guardian. 5 bullets and you're dead. But ya' know, its close range combat so it's a LITTLE understandable. A faster, stronger gun SHOULD win. Now when it comes to longer range combat, it still does the EXACT SAME THING AS IF YOU WERE 5 FEET away, or 1.7 meters away from the said Uriel's Gift user. Countless times I have been melted from SCOUT RIFLE distance from a Uriel's GIft. All because 5 shots hit me. THIS GUN IS BROKEN. SO INCREDIBLY BROKEN. Especially since it's not even an exotic! So it can be used in combination with the Meta Tool :D (which you know at least 1 person a match is using 1 or both of those weapons). What do you guys think about Uriel's Gift? Do you agree? Hopefully you reader's do. I would love to just have UG completely removed from the game -- but that's obviously impossible. So what should happen to UG? Please vote above and show the dev's that UG is literally the most broken weapon in the game, and what should be done about it. If you're on the opposing side, are you one of the people who exploit the OP-ness of said weapon? Yep, you probably are :D Don't worry though, I added a voting section for you people as well. I don't care if someone has already made a similar post about this, VOTE.

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