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2/23/2018 4:39:26 AM

Dmg, Cozmo... You guys are killin’ it! feedback *REPOST*

With each day, week, month that goes by... With each post begging you for meaningful fixes to the major issues that plague your game that go ignored, your game is dying, The big ticket items - the dual primary system, the static rolls on guns, the slow-TTK pve with boring team shooting metas and no skill gap, the bad connections (just because you hid the red bars from our view doesn’t make them go away!), the empty “planets” that are glorified circular sparrow race tracks with enemies speckled throughout with no reasons to explore and no secrets to uncover, the endgame (or lack thereof), the locked skill trees with no variability in perk selection, the lack of repeatable “horde mode” type activities to grind (a la PoE, CoO, AF), the broken token system (you had a perfectly fine reward/bounty system in D1 that’s gone... why?)- Why aren’t we talking about these MAJOR problems plaguing your game. Why are we talking about EMBLEMS?? The players are talking about these things every single day, asking you to address them, and you ignore them and instead focus on emblems, comic books, and nightfall scoring. You can add fluff and nickel-and-dime fixes until you’re blue in the face, but the core underpinnings of your game are broken and not fun or engaging. Until the fundamentals are addressed, this game will remain ridiculed and neglected by the very hardcore fans that feel letdown and betrayed by the way this game was pushed out. That all said, would you care to comment on your plans to (or not to) address any of the following?: -Random Weapon/Armor rolls -TTK in crucible and the slow play -Dual Primary Loadout System -Lag/Connectivity -Fleshing out your worlds -Adding more endgame activity -Horde modes -Token System -Live Events that actually offer NEW things to do when they come around (I will give you that Crimson Days had actual new content) -Possible separation of pve/pvp so our guardians can feel powerful in pve while not breaking the balance in pvp -Letting is pick our own individual perks in the skill trees and/or expanding the skill trees -Ability to select our pvp game modes -Adding meaningful, powerful endgame rewards to chase. All I see are cosmetics. Even if you can’t/won’t make any changes to these topics, can we put the issue to bed and get a response one way or another so we can know whether or not to delete the game from our HDDs? Thanks, I look forward to no official response as usual because the pressing issues are always ignored. In all seriousness I hope the clickbait title at least caught your attention enough to read this.

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