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Top 5 Exoctics they need to bring back (and some they need to leave alone)

Just a fun little thing that's just my opinion based on the game as it is now. #5: Icebreaker Sniper rifles are just misplaced at the moment. I understand why they moved it to the heavy spot being how powerful they are but at the moment they don't compare to the other heavies. It's like they belong in a spot with shotguns. Too powerful for a special slot, but too weak for a heavy spot. They do plan on reworking both of those in a future update and I'm excited to see what they do, but in the mean time I think having a heavy that will always have ammo will definitely be something people will use over merciless or sin of the past in certain situations. #4: Black Spindle For the same reasons above pretty much but having a gun that automatically reloads after 3 consecutive crit shots in a row would be nice. Especially with Calus. Now I guess that means you wouldn't be able to use coldheart but at least you wouldn't be reliant on a rally barricade every time. How the two would compare is really up to damage numbers to be honest so this choice is really up in the dark. It'll either work or it won't. If you can consistently get crits, go with spindle, if not go with coldheart. #3: Outbreak Prime This thing was amazing in D1. It wasn't overpowered at all but it was fun to use. A lot of people used this weapon but it wasn't the "go to gun" like ghallarhorn was. It didn't really matter if you used it or not. I don't think the gun will have any use in the raids with other better things to use, but for casual play or strikes I think it's a pretty good choice. #1(of weapons they DON'T need to bring back): Ghallarhorn And speaking of the devil....they really don't need to bring this back. This thing was just over powered. Everyone knows this. Which is why so many people required people to have it in raids back in D1. Them bringing it back with Rise of Iron was just fan service, plain and simple. We don't need another meta weapon. Coldheart and sins of the past already have that spot and they both arent really over powered. #2: Any of the exotic hand cannons besides Thorn I'm not a hand cannon user. Like at all. I normally use auto rifles and scout rifles. I only recently started using Better Devils but I'm still getting used to that. However I do know that people loved the hand cannons in D1. I can't say anything on how they worked or how powerful they are but I feel like if they were over powered I would have heard about it (like I did with Thorn). #2(of weapons they DON'T need to bring back) Sleeper Simulant Pretty much the same reason as Ghallarhorn. Over powered rail gun. Whenever I did a raid it was always "have Ghallarhorn or sleeper or gtfo". Yeah they did that with spindle too but D2 has been different. I haven't really seen too many instances of "must have this weapon" posts. Especially when I rent into Eater of Worlds with a shotgun. I just find shotguns easier to use to take care of the minotaurs, and id rather not blow myself up trying to kill one.... #1: Truth This gun was fun. It didn't do as much damage as Ghallarhorn but having a missle that will fly around corners chasing you would not only be fun in crucible, but also in pve as well. Because I am honestly sick and tired of taking a tracking rocket launcher in the Savathun strike and those damn wizards at the very end sidestepping out of the way at the last second.... I had an Ogre do that too. A FREAKING OGRE!! That fat piece of lard shouldn't be able to flash step to the side like it weighs next to nothing! #1(of weapons that don't need to come back): Thorn It's dead.... Just leave it alone.... They killed it in D1 and it was fine. You have sunshot now. Go play with that. Of course all of this is my personal opinion and id love to hear yalls. (bonus weapon) Bad Juju This was a pretty fun and decent weapon. Not a lot of people used it but it wasn't a bad weapon. It rewarded you for kills in 2 different ways. To be honest I'd like to see it come back, but at the same time it doesn't really matter if it does or not.

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