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2/17/2018 3:16:34 AM

Imagine this scenario-The True Inverted Spire

You and your fireteam just beat Protheon without anyone dying during the fight. Suddenly, you hear a discord of violins and trumpets in the background while you see the radiolarian “dry up” around you. The remains of all the dead Vex around your team suddenly collide violently to create an amalgamation Templar. . You and your fireteam are now fighting this new Vex Templar while Fanatics are spawning in at the far reaches of the arena closing in slowly. Without the help of your Relic this time around, you need to blow up a Fanatic near this Templar the lower it’s shirkds and stun it. . After enough damage and it’s very weak, it teleports your fireteam back to the center of the arena. The Templar then reverses gravity sending all of you back up each floor of the battlefield. After a brief delay, Gravity returns to normal and you must survive the fall back down while it fires at your teams general direction down below. It no longer has a shield and can be damaged by any weapon. . Once it’s health is depleted, it detonates in a dramatic fashion of metal and electric sounds echoing throughout the entire arena. The strike rewards you with 3 chests instead of one and has strike specific loot guaranteed in at least one.

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