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2/12/2018 8:36:33 PM

Bungie we need to know if your considering a Halo Reach.

This game has been the most important thing to me and my buddies. We need to see this game remastered on ps4 and xbox. This game hands down was the best Halo right next to Halo 3 with the amazing forge, community and custom games. We want nothing extra we just want to see our favorite game back on next gen. There was something with halo reach and 3 that beats all other halos. It just had that umph that made it amazing. If I could see this game with no changes on ps4 and other next gen consoles I'd be in tears. We want it supported and everything. Destiny is great don't get me wrong but reach is what stared it all bungie. Please show the community that you listen and that this topic may be in your minds. We truly need to see this game. Love you bungie and no matter what path is chosen we will all still love you.
#Help #Reach

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