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2/2/2018 2:02:10 AM

Why so long for inventory expansion?

I've been out of space and balancing a tight rope of deleting gear I want to keep with gear I want to keep even more, and we're waiting till SEASON THREE to get a solution? First, this is only a temporary fix right? So why is it being added as part of a new season? That seems a bit more permanent, and if it's a long term fix then 50 slots is NOT enough. Crimson days is coming with a boatload of stuff and you're talking of adding even more between then and now. I'll say it again, IM ALREADY OUT OF VAULT SPACE. Where am I supposed to fit any of this new stuff for me to grind and collect? Add the extra spaces now. Like next update? For crimson days? I have no room for ghosts or ships or sparrows and I'm having to delete or use space. I need some separate place to store those or the extra space NOW. The vault update shouldn't take 2 months, it seems like it'd be fast. So please do something about this sooner than season 3 so I can keep all the cool goodies you've worked so hard to make for me. Thank youu.

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